Keeping busy in the vineyard

Autumn rains have been excellent with 97mm for April compared to only 3mm last year. This has enabled us to get cover crops in early to establish some cereal, ryegrass and clover mixtures between our rows of vines. The cereal and ryegrass will provide bulk for mulch to compete with unwanted weeds and the clover will help build up nitrogen levels in the soil, keeping the vines happy. Happy vines great wines.

Pruning has started with some restructuring in one of our Shiraz blocks which has been affected by eutypa, a fungal disease that causes die back of the vine. To arrest this problem, we are using a reciprocal saw to cut off the damaged area, getting back to strong healthy canes in the crown of the vine. It’s a time consuming job but we expect to see some high quality fruit as a result of our attention to each vine.


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